Welcome to Ordering with Hyperactive Farms, Inc.

In this section you can order from a basic group of flowers with a REFERENTIAL price based on the yearly market trends. There is a fuel charge estimated by the shipping box size. Freight cost to the final destination depends on the type of transportation after Miami. Our sales team will give you a quote at the moment of purchase, if you don't have that part resolved yet. The referential price is F.O.B. Miami and together with the fuel charge aim specifically at giving you an idea of what your cost as a whole could be. The current availability and the herein indicated prices do not update live on the server and therefore are NOT guaranteed. In fact it is to be expected for the prices to fluctuate up and down depending on the market conditions. Use this page to submit the requested product in its totality, so we can work our best to fulfill maximum amount of items at the lowest price possible.

Instructions of use:
Start by adding to the ordering cart. Once ready, proceed with placing the order as instructed. If you did not find the item you need on the page, you can indicate a variety and amounts in the notes section before you finish the order. When done you will receive a confirmation email to the address provided in the form. Know that even if you did not receive a confirmation after waiting a short while, your order has entered our system and is being processed. Expect a call from our sales department for possible adjustments, shipping instructions and a final purchase.